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The predictive value of applying chaos theory to business share prices has proven so consistent and reliable since I started this in 2002 that I have decided to offer a subscription service.

I have a “subscriber access only” section where all share reviews requested by the subscribed shareholders will be pooled and reported on. This is a new service, so will grow as more of the 15,000 visitors to this site subscribe to this service.

For US$100 per year, a subscriber will get an analysis of the share price behaviours for any 2 companies found on Big Charts dot com or any other referenced site that has a comprehensive share price history. This report for a specific company will be delivered within 7 days of signup and payment, predicting or advising on the future behaviour of the share based on chaos theory principles. This share prediction will cover the next 12 months. All predictions carry no guarantee, but are based on the correct prediction history since 2002 as reflected in the public section of this site. A “share behaviour review” will provide my best estimate of the behaviour of the share over the next 12 months, but I cannot be held legally responsible for any outcome due to my review of the share. If another shareholder requests a report on an already reviewed site, he will get the same data, but the share price will be again reviewed. If I review a site and change my review in the year, this will be published. All changes to a share review are published and listed in the pooled subscriber only section.


Subscribers can also receive consultancy on a share for a more detailed review of a company. This will entail an in depth investigation of the company to correlate share price behaviour with available information on the company (e.g. new products, failed products, rumours etc). This is charged as an hourly, daily or monthly fee and is based on my availability.


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