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[1] Pigeon Pea (Cajanus cajan): short-lived perennial shrub, deep-rooted and drought-resistant, prefers light to medium textured soils, branches too brittle for cattle browsing.
[2] Economics and Agronomics of New Crops - Internet Links.
Table of Contents: Dry Pea, Chickpea, Caraway, Coriander, Alfalfa Seed, Seed Potatoes.
Also in the TOC: Export, Marketing and Trade Information, Canadian Provincial Departments of Agriculture, Canadian Federal Government Departments, Grain Companies, Weather Information, University of Saskatchewan, World Exchanges and Stock Markets, Saskatchewan Agriculture and Food: Information for All
[3] Stoller Group is recognized as a world leader in secondary
and micronutrient crop nutrition.
[4] All Agriculture Topics in Handilinks - Find all related topics to Agriculture. Rice production.
[5] Japan rice market .
[6] Rice Information Centre and Educational Resources for Canada. Links such as rice info & rice variety.
[7] Welcome to Your On-Line Resource for the Rice Industry. "We are in the field, in the lab and at the rice industry meetings gathering information that will help our readers – the rice producers – produce a profit. "
[8] Rice–Fish Culture and its Macrodevelopment in Ecological Agriculture.
[9] USA Rice Federation;
[11] Hydroponics ;
[13] Garst Seed Company;

[c] LINKS TO LINKS & events:

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[1] FAO - Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations. Agricultural department - agriculture 21 .
[2] Agriculture & Animal Science Web sites . This is a good site with many links to explore. A good site, worth the effort!.
[3] Agriculture Today: A Directory of reviewed agricultural sites. Created to bring the benefits of the Intenet to all people engaged in agriculture and related industries.
[4] National Agriculture Library: Welcome to the National Agricultural Library's (NAL) & Web Gateway to AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access). "The National Agricultural Library (NAL), part of the Agricultural Research Service of the
U.S. Department of Agriculture, is one of four National Libraries in the United States. NAL is a major international source for agriculture and related information. This Web site provides access to NAL's many resources and a gateway to its associated
institutions. "
[5]; Livestock Library . A neat and detailed site with livestock information, market information, online magazines and more.
[6] Agriculture Online.
[8] Forage information system . A really beautiful ansd well designed site. It covers forage species (Grasses, Legumes, Forbs, Shrubs), hay, silage, organisations, projects, resources, topics (animals, cover crops, economics, pests, quality & testing, species, statistics )
[9] Agriculture, Poultry @ Netscape.
[10] Agriculture Industries, Inc. links.
[11] Agricultural Links at the Office of the Commissioner of Agriculture.
[12] Agriculture at Miningco .com.: The following NetLinks categories are listed, Agricultural Safety, Biographies, Biotechnology, Colleges/Universities, Cooperative Extension Service, Dairy, El Nino, Exports, Fertilizer, Farms Online, Food Safety, Integrated Pest Management, Markets, Organizations, Publications, Statistics, Sustainability, Weather, More Net Links. This site also lists the following related links: Related Mining Co. GuideSites - Biology, Botany, Ecology, Forestry, Genetics, Geography, Geology, Meteorology, Neurosciences, Science/Nature for Kids, The Environment.
[13] Agriculture at Yahoo has a long list of topics and categories.
Activities (3), Agribusiness (15), Agricultural Composting@, Agricultural Economics (49), Agricultural Engineering@, Agronomy (72), Animal Science (130), Antique Tractors@, Aquaculture (83), Beekeeping@, Booksellers@, Community Supported (6), Companies@, Conferences and Events (20), Cooperatives (6), Crops and Commodities (125), Dairy Science (25), Education (23), Employment (7), Equipment (1), Farm Management (5), Farm Safety (9), Farmers (13), Food Safety@, Forestry (257), Government Agencies (68), Horticulture (156), Institutes (180), Irrigation (13), Libraries (7), Museums (12), News and Media (69), Organic Farming (42), Organizations (68), Pest Management@, Policy (21), Precision Agriculture (11), Rural Development@, Statistics (11), Sustainable Agriculture (79), Tour Operators@, Web Directories (23), Weed Control (19), Women (8), Usenet (4).
[15] Livestock Virtual Library . Definitely a key and essential visit. A good site for information. Information such as Species Specific Information on: Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Horses, Sheep, Swine.
Also, links to Other Species (Camelids, Bison, Buffalo, Deer & Elk, Donkeys, European Wild Boar ).
It also has links to AGRICULTURE, Agriculture Network Information Center ( AgNIC ), AgNIC Animal Science Page, Agricultural Economics, Biological Control, Virtual Information Center, Biotechnology, Forestry, Irrigation and Hydrology, Population Ecology, Poultry Science, Veterinary Medicine.
[16] The World Wide Web Virtual Library: AGRICULTURE :
Agricultural Economics, Biological Control Virtual Information Center, Biosciences Index, Biotechnology, Fish, and other Aquatic Animals, Entomology, Forestry, Gardening, Grains Specialty Library, Irrigation and Hydrology, Livestock, Plant Biology, Population Ecology Home Page, Poultry Science Virtual Library, Sustainable Agriculture Virtual Library, Veterinary Medicine.
[18] Netscape Links to Science, Agriculture : This site has many agricultural links that will keep you busy. A good site.
Beekeeping (22), History (1), Hydroponics (1), Journals (1), Land Tenure (1), Livestock@ (126), Organic Farming (4), Organizations (3), Poultry (5), Products and Services (8), Soil and Soil Management (1), Business: Industries: Agriculture and Forestry (144), Science: Environment: Agriculture (5).
[19] Econet
[21] A long list of Agriculture links from Swedish Web page.
[22] Infarmation : Welcome to infarmation, the online agricultural site that helps prevent you becoming tangled in the Web. An Australia based site.
[23] Handilinks to Agriculture : This comprehensive site has a long list of links cagegorised into various topics. its depth makes it worth a visit.
[24]'s Howdy Howdy Ag and Farm Search Engine & links, with categorized Ag sites and pages. This is another well organised, comprehensive sitewith over 200 categories. This site may be what you are looking for.
[26] World Wide Web Sites of Interest to Agriculture by Gennis Agency. An American site that has links categorised under: General Agriculture, Farms, Ranches & Companies, Associations, Markets, Magazines & Newsletters, Government, Research & Education, Weather;
[27] has a guide to Agriculture , with net links to topics such as Aflatoxin, Ag Co-ops, Ag Policy, Animal Science, AgriTourism, Biographies, Biotechnology, Colleges/Universities, Co-ops, Background, Crops and Commodities, Dairy, Dairy Co-ops, Databases, El Nino, Environmental Issues, Exports, 4-H Programs, Famine, Farms Safety, Fertilizer, Farms Online Updated, Federal Agencies, Food Safety, IPM, Irrigation, Law, Mailing Lists, Organic Farming, Organizations, Potatoes, Publications, Statistics, Sustainability, Veterinarians, Weather, Wheat, World Trade;
[28] [29] AgNIC Network established largely by the National Agricultural Library and land-grant institutions to provide comprehensive agricultural information.
[30] Netscape's Agriculture and Forestry Links;

[21] Events:

[22] More agricultural links .


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[1] Yahoo Business and Economy -Companies -Agriculture- Livestock.
Alpacas (55), Animal Transport@, Buffaloes (5), Cattle (286), Classifieds (5), Deer (9), Goats (20), Horses@, Llamas (64), Organisations (13), Pigs and Hogs (28), Poultry (64), Sheep (35), Snails (2), Supplies and Equipment (139).
[2] The Agriculture and Feed Industries Foss NIRSystems has a range of analyzers for agricultural products, grain and feed constituents. These instruments are state of the art, and can measure protein, fat, fiber and moisture in feeds, grains and other agricultural products, wet or dry. This technology can be applied to the analysis of pet foods as well.
[3] Your farm store, for those committed to agriculture.
[5] The International Farm Shopper: "The International Farmer's Market" - Farming Solutions brought to you by the Internet Division of Winning Video Productions. Links to NEW or USED Equipment, Land, Poultry & Livestock, Auctions, Farm Services, Feeds & Seeds, Fertilizers, Herbicides and Pesticides, Miscellaneous.
[4] Livestock World is "where you can find animals of all kinds all over the world! Topics include - Arabian, Quarter Horse, Appaloosas, Business Services, Sheep, Goats, Hogs, Horses and Ponies, Highland Cattle, Cattle, Exotic Animals.
[5] CPG Technologies International - ethylene absorbing products to extend the life of fruits, vegetables and cut flowers.
[6] [7] Pro Farmer newsletter - North America's leading ag market advisor.
[7] McGowan Construction Services, for various landscape services, ponds, shoreline protection etc.
[8] Wenger feed equipment , extruders, single screw, for pet food, aquatic feed, animal rations etc.
[9] Worldwide VIV : for buyers in intensive animal and fish production.

[] Fruit Trees : Looking to buy fruit trees?
[] Agricultural Company links from Inverizon International Inc. ;
[] THE AMERICAN SEED TRADE ASSOCIATION Member Websites Science and Research;


[] FAS online: Current World Production , Market and Trade Reports (cotton, dairy, fishery, livestock, poultry, grains, oilseeds, sugae, tobacco , wood, horticulture)
[] World Agricultural Production .
[] World Market Watch - a useful site with a search facility that digs up many links.




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[1] Fish meal and fish oil for animal feeds and aquaculture at the Icelandic company SR-mjöl hf.
[2] DARLING INTERNATIONAL : TX, USA. Processing by-products recycling company. Materials from beef, pork and poultry processing industries. Tallow, meat and bone meal, feed-grade fats.
[3] H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. : USA. Raw materials, especially animal and marine proteins.
[4] APC - Aquaculture : American Protein Corporation's (APC) blood proteins and attractants.
[5] Spirulina from Hawaii; Cyanotech Corporation ;
[6] Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Culture of Marine Phytoplankton (Algae Aquaculture) live algae cultures;


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[1] Forberg AS : Norway. Mixers, dryers, coaters & vacuum coaters.
[2] Insta - Pro International . USA. Extruders for aquafeed, petfood, soybean processing, oil presses & human food technology.
[3] Biohome-Biological filtration for Aquaculture ;
[5] The Worldwide Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Directory (WAMED): is a listing of manufacturers of agricultural machinery and farm equipment on the internet.


[] The Agriculture Fact Book 1998 - USDA - Full volume is available and requires Acrobat Reader.

[j] country specific:

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[] Alaska:

Alaska Department of Fish and Game ;


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[1] The Department of Primary Industries is a rural economic development agency for Queensland's agriculture, forestry and fisheries industries. DPI topics include: fisheries & aquaculture, institutes & research centres, animal & plant health service, animal industries, research, information & extension services, plant industries, rural development services, forest industries, export development. DPI Products:

DPI Notes are "advisory fact sheets on many aspects of primary production from plant and animal health to industry development and community information. Available on CD-Rom, in selected book form, and on the Web. DPI Notes can be found across the site, according to subject. Select from the contents drop-down box at the top right of any page.
[2] Web Site of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Victoria, Australia. The site gives information encouraging farming in this part of the world. Topics include: Low Cost Production of Quality Products, An Ideal Environment for Dairy Production, Spectacular Productivity Growth, Dairy Production in Victoria, Clean Quality Products. As well as agriculture, there are other related topics worth visiting (eg. aquaculture).
[3] Farming and Agriculture Web pages of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment internet site.
Farmer Services, Agriculture Notes, Cropping, Dairy, Horticulture, Meat (formerly meat & livestock), Wool, Food & Wine, Pasture, Private Forestry, Pest Plants and Animals.
[4] Pearling and Aquaculture ;
[5] ACQ International was created in 2003 to collectively market and promote Australia’s four leading agricultural colleges.
[6] Agriweb : The Ideal Homepage for Australian Farmers;
[7] FARMWIDE ONLINE: Farmwide Pty Ltd is an Australian company (Canberra), owned by the State and Territory farming organisations of the National Farmer's Federation (NFF). News & Weather, agSearch, Commodity Prices, Rural Suppliers, Banking & Finance, Research & Development, Industry & Government, Farmwide Community, Projects;
[8] Australian Dairy Industry ;


[] South American and world commodity markets @ Safras & Mercado . This site is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish and provides statistics and analysis.



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Go to South African Agriculture Web page @ Ecotao .(za.htm )
[] Beekeeping for everyone


[1] Irish Aquaculture ;

[v] ITALY:

Aquaculture and Aquarium topics on line from Italy ;


[1] Fisheries Research Services

[vi] SWEDEN:

[1] Sweden

[vi] CANADA:

[1] AgriWeb , in English & French.
[2] Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Home Page ;
[3] The Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association Website ;
[] WELCOME TO THE GREEN LANE : weather, nature, ecosystems, water, pollution, community action & development.


The AGRALIN World Wide Web server is a project of the Wageningen Agricultural
University Library.


Farming Pages is put together to give you information on Animals and their Breeds and Farming in general.


[] NOVAGATE : Nordic gateway to information in forestry, veterinary and agricultural sciences.


[] USA:

[] National Agricultural Library - Includes 35 searchable databases of information about plants, livestock, insects, and microscopic organisms.
[1] Welcome to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
"The Illinois Department of Agriculture administers a $102 million budget with over 600 employees statewide. The department oversees the conservation of the state's land and water resources; the health and welfare of livestock and companion animals; state and county fairs; regulation of seed, feed and fertilizer products; the financial stability of grain dealers and warehouses; promotion of Illinois food and agricultural products; and operation of the state's horse racing programs. This web site is designed to provide easy access to all Department of Agriculture programs and services."
[2]Agencies and Staff Offices of the USDA
[3] Mississippi State University - Extension service.
MSU-ES Agriculture & Natural Resources: Engineering, Aquaculture, Entomology & Plant Pathology, Forestry, Animal & Dairy Sciences, Plant & Soil Sciences, Poultry, Wildlife & Fisheries, Weather Information.
[5] Department Links at Purdue Agriculture . This site includes links under the following topics:
Agriculture Course Catalog, Agricultural Research Programs, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Agricultural Statistics, Agronomy, Agronomy Home Page, The Corn Growers Guidebook, Turfgrass Science Program, Water Quality Research Facilities, Animal Sciences, Biochemistry, Botany and Plant Pathology, Entomology, Food Science, Forestry and Natural Resources, Horticulture, The Vegetable Crops Hotline.
[] American Farmland Trust - Information for farmers and conservationists.

[] Texas Extension Resource Centre : this site has a wide range of publications in pdf format or for sale as books;


Agroforestry In Zambia ;


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[1] A study of life from an ecological and evolutionary perspective creates a different view of the natural world upon which we depend for our food, rain, clean air and water and general well being. The book, " Nature's Holism " continues the legacy of General J.C. Smuts, who wrote "Holism and Evolution" in 1926
[2] The Halycon and its Environmental Links.
[3] Environmental Organisation Webdirectory: Agriculture

[l] SOFTWARE & tools:

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[1.1] Poultry Management Software: From the Department of Poultry Science at the University of Georgia.
[1.2] Valley Agricultural Software : "Valley Agricultural Software develops software for the dairy industry. Based in Tulare, California, we develop software used by dairyman, Dairy Herd Improvement organizations, veterinarians, nutrition and dairy management."
[1.3] Expert Systems & Livestock Computer Software: A long list of useful software.
[1.4] Agricultural_Software ;

[2] FEED FORMULATION: [top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

Animal diets are formulated using least-cost programs that are tools that give you a balanced diet with the cheapest combination of raw materials.
[2.1] Agricultural Software Directory - Mixed/Multiple - Ration Analysis.This is a list of comercially available software for feed formulations and other applications. If you are looking for software, visit here.
[2.2] Agricultural Software Consultants: Department of supply feed formulation software for a number of applications. About Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc.
[2.5] Dalex : The Feed Mill This program is designed for Feed Manufacturers and Custom Mixers.


[] For more aquaculture journal links see the Ecotao's aquaculture page #Publ;

[m.2] books & MAGAZINES:

[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[2] [3] A Guide to Better Pastures for the Tropics and Subtropics (revised 5th edition 1995) written by L.R.Humphreys and I.J.Partridge and published by NSW Agriculture. It has relied greatly on the knowledge of officers of the Department of Primary Industries, Queensland, and CSIRO Tropical Agriculture. Contents: Grasses for the tropics, Legumes for the tropics, Grasses for the subtropics, Legumes for the subtropics.
[4] Agriculture Online: From the Illinois Department of Agriculture. For daily reading on successful farming news, with titles such as Latest Stories, MARKETS, eg."Latest take on the grains and livestock markets", NEWS, @G WORLDWIDE ("Hot news from around the globe: Latest headlines from the global ag news network"), TOP TALK, CORRESPONDENTS, TECHNOLOGY, MORE NEWS, Today's Top Features.
[5] Dairy Industry News Also see Dairy Network
[6] Citrus pests and their natural enemies: A comprehensive look at the identification, biology and integrated pest management of citrus pests. This book is not online.
[7] Farm Journal Publications at .
[8] Good Fruit online magazine & links.
[] Farm Journal , a magazine for the farmer. A rich and informative American site.

[] High Plains Journal ;

[n] universities & ORGANISATIONS:

[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[1] NDSU (North Dakota State University). This is a useful site with plenty to offer. The information available includes:
Extension Service : Educational Materials/Databases. Topic Index: Agriculture, Horticulture, Youth and Family, Educational Materials (Publications/Videos/Software), Information Databases ( Crops/Home/Horticulture/Foods)
Other Sites of Interest via NDSU: Other Agricultural Related Web Sites: This NDSU site has plenty of useful links under the following categories: Crops, Livestock, Marketing/Financial, Mass Media Web Sites, Other Federal and State Government Web Sites, Other Web Sites of Interest, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) & Weather. A site worth visiting.
[2] College of Agriculture Departments Iowa State University has the following College of Agriculture Departments: Agricultural Economics, Food Science & Human Nutrition, Ag & Biosystems Engineering, Forestry, Ag Education and Studies, Horticulture, Agronomy, Microbiology, Animal Ecology, Plant Pathology, Animal Science, Sociology, Biochemistry, Biophysics & Molecular Biology, Statistics, Botany, Zoology/Genetics, Entomology. There is also a list of Other Ag Web Sites.
[] American Soybean Association Technical Bulletins with literature on: Feed Technology, Animal Nutrition, Human Nutrition, Poultry, Layer, Broiler, Swine, Aquaculture.
[] FAO Search facility WAICENT Information Finder. FEATURE SITES: AGRIS (Agriculture Sciences & Technology), AGROVOC, SIDS, Codex Alimentarius, DAD-IS, EMPRES, FAOSTAT, FIVIMS, GIEWS, GEOWEB, GTOS, INPhO, Mediabase, PIC, WIEWS, GPPIS (Global plant and pest information system), Administration and Legislation, Agriculture in General, Agriculture Machinery and Engineering, Animal Science Production and Protection, Economics Development and Rural Sociology, Education, Extension and Information, Fishery and Aquaculture, Forestry, Geography and History, Human Nutrition, Methodology, Natural Resource and Enviroment, Plant Protection, Plant Science and Production, Pollution, Postharvest Technology, Processing of Agricultural Products,
[] CABI Publishing is an applied life science publisher of books, journals and electronic products. CABI Bioscience undertakes research and training in biological pest management, biodiversity, biosystematics and the environment. CABI Information for Development helps design, build and sustain information and knowledge management systems and helps to provide access to knowledge tools in developing countries. Animal & veterinary science, biodiversity, crop protection, plant sciences, social sciences, human health, natural resources & environmental.
[] careers in agriculture
[] Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ;


[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[] Commercial site, Grotek Inc. "Microbial Biotechnology" for dairy cattle."Home of the All Natural Feed Supplements with Herbal Technology."
[] American Crop Protection Association Web Site : Representing the major manufacturers, formulators and distributors of crop protection and pest control products, including bioengineered products.
[] Bayer Crop Protection in the U.S.
[] Welcome to Novartis Crop Protection, Inc. in the U.S.
[] USA -North Central Crop Evaluation Committee ;
[] Radiation Pasteurization of Food ;

[] Genetically modified organisms in agriculture (GM foods, GMO's). This site also has links to other sites on this topic;


[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[1] Biological Control Home Page . This site has information on Parasitoids, Predators, Pathogens and Weed Feeders. The site also has links to "Other WWW Biological Control Sites". It also has links to its funders, the National Biological Control Institute and Communication Services and the Department of Entomology at Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station.
[] Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association On-line. "Biodynamics is a method of agriculture based on a series of lectures given by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Since then, it has spread throughout the world. It is the oldest non-chemical agricultural movement and pre-dates the organic agriculture movement by some 20 years. More than simply avoiding chemicals, Biodynamics seeks to actively work with the health-giving forces of nature."
[] [] Alternative Farming Systems Information Centre (AFSIC) - PUBLICATIONS .

choose not to use any chemicals on their farm . . ."
[] Sustainable Farming Connection .
[] Sustainable agriculture : A World Resources Institute Site.Article in html and pdf format;
[] Agriculture & Permaculture @ InterGarden Resources ;
[] OTA : The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is a membership based business association representing the organic industry in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

[q] VETERINARY & pest control:

[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[2] World Wide Web Virtual Library Veterinary Medicine An essential site with just about all you need in terms of imformation and links on veterinary topics. "More comprehensive links are located on the NetVet Veterinary Resources homepage. " Net Vet Veterinary Resources is a part of the Electronic zoo .
[3] AVMA's Care for Pets site for additional information on veterinary medicine and animal health.
[4] Pests by Crop : Citrus, Pome, Grapes, Soft Fruit, Stone fruit, Nuts. Also, Alphabetical Listing of Pests of North American Agriculture ;
[5] American Crop Protection Association ;
[6] Veterinary & Livestock Equipment - farming at your fingertips;
[7] Pesticides kill bees ; Link to texts of many pesticide labels in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format available online: Crop Data Management Systems, Inc. ; Sample Bee Protection Statements ;

[r] search tools & research links:

[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]

[1] Engineering Conversion Factors . Convert between different units of measure.
[2] Search tool . This link opens a new window from which you can search, using a number of good search engines.
[4] AgriSurf! - The Farmers Search Engine .
[5] Aquafind: A search and locate database of fish and aquatic species ;
[6] ;
[7] CAB ABSTRACTS Online Database "The most comprehensive international agricultural database in the world".
[8] Nutrition CABWeb Providing Desktop Access to Information in Nutritional Science.
[9] Agricultural Economics Virtual Library ;
[] Crop Science Glossary From the Crop Science Society of America.
[] Agricultural Statistics : Marston Science Library Subject Guide to data; FAOSTAT Database Collections: FAO's searchable database of agricultural statistics. U.S. Department of Agriculture Departmental information and links to USDA agencies providing statistics and other information.


[top] ,[Livestock ],[Crops ]


[1] : Your one-stop shop providing farm products & services, information, and online bidding for the entire farming and agricultural community. This site also has links for shopping, community, agri info, and market news.
[2] Looking for used farm equipment? FARMACH.COM is proud to provide an online searchable database of the current inventories from a wide variety of farm equipment dealers. SEARCH FOR TRACTORS - COMBINES - SEEDING & FERTILIZER - FORAGE - SWATHERS - TILLAGE - SPRAYING - HAYING - LIVESTOCK - FRONT-END LOADERS - GRAIN HANDLING - EARTH MOVING - ACCESSORIES;
[6] Farmer's Hotline Online : Farmer's Digest (Straightforward, common-sense articles on every aspect of farming and ranching edited with one goal in mind - to make you a better farmer or rancher.); Auction Results Online; Agricultural Suppliers, Agricultural Links, Equipment Specifications Online, Trade Show Calendar, Subscriptions, Auction Calendar, Equipment Dealers Link,
[7] Farm & Ranch Equipment Classifieds Auctions ;
[8] Farm Equipment Auctions and affiliated, & a livestock site.

[v] Link sites

  1.  Agricultural Directory
  2. was created to bring the benefits of the Internet to all people engaged in agriculture and related industries. The Directory provides a comprehensive collection of websites that are nicely categorized under general subjects like biotechnology, environment, farm animals, gardening, crops, and equipment. You can also read the latest agricultural news via the site.

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