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There are some useful search commands: url:animal.html This will find any url that has a page with this name. title:elephant This will find web pages with the word elephant in the title. image:frog.jpg This will find web pages containing the frog.jpg image file. domain:za This will display pages from the South African domain, za. anchor: ecotao This will find Web pages where the hyperlink contains the word ecotao. Useful for web page management is link:
Put any url into this command and the search engine will find sites linking to your site.

Quick access from your browser, desktop or quick launch bar
Save this file in some folder on your harddrive (eg.c:\windows), go to the file and right click on its icon, choose "create shortcut" and then move this shortcut to your desktop (cut & paste) or quick launch bar (hold down left mouse button and move the file over the bar and release). Anytime that you need to do a quick search use this for quick results.
Put this search tool as your browser's home page, so that the search tool boots up each time you open the browser:
Netscape: EDIT - PREFERENCES - See the Home Page window. Browse to the folder where search.htm is saved and select it. Choose OK.
Internet Explorer: First open search.htm from your harddrive, using IE. Next, select TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - See the Home Page window. Select the "Use Current" button. Choose OK.

For more information on specific search engines, go to the Search Engine Information Link . To search the Nature's Holism site for specific information, go to the Search Ecotaoism page .

[1] W3 search engine listing .
[2] All-in -one search page
[3] Dogpile meta-search
[4] Metacrawler - usually digs up enough data for use and its quite fast.
[5] T-NETs WEB Search -  lists just about all search  engines on the internet.
[6]  Archie Services , & ArchiePlex Form ?
[7] For FTP files at AllThe Web search for that elusive file.
[8] ;
[9] Monster FTP list of sites;
[10] Search Engine Watch .
[11] Surfwax metacrawler gives results .
[12] SearchEdu site and other educational searches.
[13] Many search tools listed at

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