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This is a useful list of links for children doing their homework and looking for information. It is useful for projects and assignments. It can be used with the "Useful Tools and Important Links page" (UTIL page ). The UTIL page provides more general resources such as dictionaries and encyclopaedia links. This page is specifically for material of interest to school children. Use your browser's search option to search this page for a word or topic (Netscape: Edit-Find in page; Explorer: Edit-Find (on this page).


As well as many links to dictionaries at this web pages home page, there is the following:






  1.  Worksheets from Mathsphere.
  2. Math Forum . This site has a Dr. Math's comprehensive answer archives that is useful. 
  3. Daves Math Tables Covers General mathematics to calculus.
  4. Math Help facility for grades four to eight.
  5. maths resources
  6. Kidsweb has some maths links ;
  7. Frank Potter's Science Gems - Mathematics;
  8. Great Mathematicians
  9. American Mathematical Society
  10. Calculus: Derivatives Of Standard Functions ; From Pink Monkey Calculus study guides .
  11. The Interactive Physics Problem Set - University of Berkeley;
  12. Cornell Math and Science Gateway : also has resources for geography, physics, chemistry, biology, maths
  13. Geometry : mathematics | mathematicians | history of math | mathsearch | websearch; 
  15. complete mathematical resource at  mathworld
  16. For resources on algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and a section called homework help - its a great resource that keeps getting better.


[1] Oxford Academic Directories (AllLearn's Directories index leading academic websites that meet the highest intellectual standards)
[2] For high school students, there is the Electric Library . However, after a 30 day free trial, you have to pay.
[3] Software for students - on CD-ROM. CD's on chemistry, environmental science and electronics.
[4] Homework Resources for high school and beyond. "These resources are designed for parents who want to help their kids develop good homework habits." Has links for all age groups from preschool,  through elementary school and middle school,  to high school and beyond.
[5] For the older student is this site with " Links to the World ". It has linkt to:  Art, Business, Computer, Education, English, Entertainment, Family, Government, Health, Internet Search Engines, Languages, Math, Music, News and Media, Recreation and Sports, Reference, Regional, Science, Search the Internet, Social Studies, Society and Culture & Statistics.
[6] Evolution ;


[1] Teens n Kids Quest : This site has little to do with homework, but has plenty of links to sites for children from 5 years old to teenage years. This is a site worth visiting as it has so much to offer in links ranging from National Geographic, to The Flintstones and Learning To Drive - A guide for teens and their parents. Visit it!
[2] -Young Writer's Clubhouse ;
[3]  An Earth view from a selection of many satellites !
[4] JPL  NASA solar system dynamicas glossary .html;
[5] Space News ;
[6] For images, backgrounds and photoshop tutorials see Dr Ozones artistic site.
[7] Animation for your computer.
[8] Astro Tray : a virtual observatory for your PC - see the heavens from any lattitude, longitude and altitude on Earth. Also has high speed animations.
[9] Kids Domain : goodies, games to download (for all ages), contests, etc.
[10] Ocean Photos for your desktop .


[2] Questions on the body, science, nature etc. at Brain Pop .
[3] CalendarZone ;
[4] Free Email: (has pop dowload facility) , , . In South Africa, . More: Juno , Mail .


[1]  Web Guide to Children's Literature   ;
[4]  Internet Public Library World of Reading   ;
[5]  Children's Stories Online   ;
[6] Scholastic Inc ., a site for children's books and literature.
[7] Literature online , by author.


[2] Starting to learn HTML for your web page, then see NCSA - A beginner's guide to html and An introduction to html ; & & cybercourse .
[3] Need to find out about something, then go to : "Welcome to the source for useful information on everything from the essentials in life to the just plain fun."
[5] References at the Internet Public Library. This useful site has links to Almanacs, Associations & Organizations, Biographies, Calculation & Conversion Tools, Calendars, Census Data & Demographics, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Genealogy, Geography, News, Periodical Directories, Quotations, Style & Writing Guides & Telephone.
[6] Find popular and quality sites with YEP .


[1] Laboratory Resources are a set of web pages that include text, images, video, and self check questions. The topics included are those that are commonly encountered in the first-year chemistry laboratory.
[3] Chemical ;
[4] Merck Manual ;
[5] CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics - advanced resource.[ 1 ] [6] Periodic Table of the elements




[O] PETS: [TOP ]




[1] Full Texts: National Parent Information Network

[2] School Age page links children to homework:
[3]  The Kids on the Web: Homework Tools . This site has plenty of good links to useful sites. You are sure to find a link to a site that you need here. The sites are well chosen.
[4] B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper   Includes: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, History, Music and Art, Foreign Languages, Computers and the Internet.
[5] School Age Homework Help - The Reference Desk, has links to many sites that may be useful. [6] New to the internet? Then visit .  This site is called the "New User University". It introduces many internet topics such as FTP, e-mail etc. It has a good glossary of internet terminology

[6] World of Education site.
[7] Bigchalk's Homework Central with educational Web sites created especially for students and teachers. The academic subject collections are organized for three grade levels: elementary school, middle school and high school. .
[8] - has an EDUCATION SITE, with information on homework. This information is mostly for parents and how they can help children with their homework e.g.  Raising a Responsible StudentHow Can I Help My Child in School? ;
[9] Jiskha homework help : SCHOOL SUBJECTS: Art, Computers, English, Foreign Languages, Health, Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Technology.
[10] Learning material and resources . A commercial site advertising services and materials.
[11] Homework help - Homework Topics: African-American Sites; American History; Ancient & Classical Cultures; Animals; The Arts; Astronomy & Space; Biographies; Biology; Computers & Inventions; Costumes & Clothing; Countries & Flags; European History; Evaluating Web Sites ;General Reference; Geography; Government & Politics ;Health & Nutrition; History; Holidays & Celebrations ;Language Arts ;Literature & Authors; Maps; Mathematics ;Music; Mysterious & Unexplained ;Mythology ;Native American Sites; News & Current Events ;Personal Finance; Regional Information ;Religion ;Science ;Social Issues; Sports ;States Information; Transportation; Wars & World History; What is a Search Engine? ;What Makes a Community?
[12] High School Hub for learning resources: Biology; Chemistry; Earth Science; English; Global Studies; Mathematics; Physics; U.S. History; World Languages.
[13] Schools Online Science : "The site is divided into four easy-to-use sections: The Library, The Cafe, The Lab, The Prep Room. At the library site  "Type in the required word(s) for search: OR select the required topic from the index below:
Living World - World of Chemistry -Physical World - Environment - Media Science - Humans, Plants, Animals, Structure and properties of Materials, Making Materials, Using Materials, Energy, Forces and Motion, Astronomy, Pollution, Weather, Rocks and Minerals, Museums and Science Centres TV and Radio Newspapers and Journals.
[14] B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper : "If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it." (Math, Science, Social Studies, English, History, Music and Art, Foreign Languages, Computers and the Internet, Health and Physical Education).
[15] Reference Tools such as encyclopedias, calculators.
[16] Another excellent search tool for information is " My Virtual Reference Desk ". For many links, you need go no further.For example, see its encyclopedia links .
[17] Encarta's schoolhouse is another good source of educational information.
[20] Fantasy Stock Market , where you can play the stock market to build up experience, without using real money.
[21] Get paid for surfing the net;


[1] The misunderstood word .
[2]  The StudyWeb - was a good site, but is no longer free. StudyWeb has officially become part of The Lightspan Network and is now available only by school subscription.
[4] Vocational and technical careers A good site with valuable links.




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[] Landings: Aviation Image Archives ; This site has a long list of links with aircraft images.
[] Aces High Aviation Photography specializes in all aspects of aviation and aircraft photography.;
[] Aircraft Galleries and Hiller Aviation Museum .
[] Flori  Flora 1.00  Shareware The flowers do attract almost everyone by its beauty, a nature's gift, so is this screen saver displaying beautiful and blooming Digital images of over 90 flowers.
[] Image search engine for those project pictures that you need. Safe for kids.


[] Funschool ;
[] ALFY : the largest web portal for kids - 3 to 9 year olds can safely visit here.

[1] The  Musical Instrument Encyclopedia.
[2] Radio Tower , Real Audio guide. 1100 live feeds.


Click here to open a new page linking to sites from different countries and nationalities .


[1] Software from Learning Co. A commercial site for resources such as Reader Rabbit for ages 6-8, and Edu English (ages 5-12);
[2] Thinkin' Science (ages 6-8), with good educational content. Also has Zap (electricity) (ages 8-12);
[3] Blasternaut has software such as aReading Blaster 3rd grade (ages 6-9) & maths blaster 5th grade (ages 9-11).
[4] Dorling Kindersley has software such as  DK Learning Ladder, year 3 (ages 7-8), and DK Encyclopedia of History;
[5] Studyworks Mathematics   (ages 15+) and Edumaths High School (ages 12-18) ;
[6] JumpStart 6th grade (ages 10-12);
[7] Dr Brain: Action Ready (ages 10+) - hasgood graphics and tests the intellect;



[1.1] Course 1 ,
[1.2] Buffalo ;
[2] Internet School: M-School , South Africa. For Grades 1 to 12. Developed by over 60 teachers, with interactive lessons, worksheets and answersheets. Also has encyclopedias, education news, dictionaries and local trivia. See also the l earning channel at the M-Web site.

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