Human Evolution

This site looks at human evolution. Although we greet you with a smile, this is a serious site. human skull Explore our evolutionary adventure from the earliest ape to our modern  man and humanity's industrial civilisation. This site looks at humanity 's ecological context. Accepting that we have evolved and continue to evolve, I also look at the long term implications of evolution for humanity. We are a part of the ecology of the earth. This evolution site is therefore included within a larger site, called Nature's Holism. Nature's Holism looks at the mechanism of evolution to establish how associations such as the bee and the flower evolved.  

Homo sapiens sapiens


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Paleontology, archaeology, anthropology, geology, genetics:

The study of human evolution advances with new fossil finds, so this site is constantly being added to. Paleontologists compete to discover the missing link, a new species or genus of anthropod or primate, the oldest hominid or a new interpretation of the fossil record. Slowly, a clearer picture of our evolutuionary history evolves. Only recently, genetics and the study of DNA is revealing amazing detail as to our heritage and the spread of populations across the earth.  Even the nature of the very elements is being employed by geologists to establish the climatic and geological history of the earth. Widgets

Updates, new findings, discoveries, advances and added data

Here is a small addition to this site on human evolution, where I shortlist links to recent progress in human evolution and/or changes to this site.

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