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"Useful Tools and Important Links page" (UTIL page):
Here are some valuable links that I have found or been referred to during the creation of my book and ecotaoism web page. I have put relevant keywords alongside the sites, so a quick way to find what you need is to use your browser to search for a word in the site (e.g. Netscape - Edit - Find in Page . . .). The list will never be complete, but many of these links in turn link to many more. The emphasis of this selection is ecological and biological. I have put more links to other URL in the glossary. In the glossary , [1:e.g..] refers to links within the same page, [2:example] refers to links in another file in my web page [2:] and [3:] links to another URL or web page. In the glossary further important sources can be found under philosophy , dictionary , encyclopaedia , E-text listings , glossary and reference sources .
If you want to have all these links in a single web page click here.

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Please add a link to your web page. Using Netscape Composer, you can add the following gif file. If you have any problem with this, email me at Laurence Evans .

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[1] of the Cambridge University Press is an excellent online reference resource where you can search for information on individuals from history and current events. This gives more detail than the Planet Earth Biographical Dictionary below.
[2] Malaspina Great Books: This site is a useful resource that can provide plenty of information and links, as for example in its "Science Centre".
[3] Notable Citizens of Planet Earth Biographical Dictionary ( people of history). This site gives less detail than
[4] The World Wide Web Virtual Library -Evolution - Books etc. This evolution web page has a long and comprehensive list of evolution links.(Internet // Evolution // Biology // Meetings // Journals // Books // Software // Departments and Laboratories // Organizations // Museums and Exhibits // Collections // Molecular Evolution // Phylogenetics, Systematics, and Taxonomy // Palaeontology and Natural History ).

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This is a specialist site of relivance to the subject matter of my home page.

[1]TheComplexity & Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems: Chaos; Genetics; Complexity; Thematic Introductions; Here there are models (including Lotka Volterra model) written inQBasic that you can download.
[3] Complexity On-Line; Complex Systems Bibliography;
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Complex Systems
[4] See more at [2: complexity];
[5] Complex systems virtual library;
[6] Complex Adaptive Systems, Evolutionism, and Ecology within Anthropology: Interdisciplinary Research for Understanding Cultural and Ecological Dynamics. This is a 1998 publication by Tom Abel.

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[1] Online Dictionary: Here you can select one of the following options: Webster Dictionary,
Multilingual on-line Dictionary, English and Technical Dictionary, Dictionary of Computing & BioTech Biotechnology Dictionary .
[2] For grammar, usage & style, jargon, general, and Roget's Thesaurus:
[3] BioTech's Life Science Dictionary dictionary.html
[4] Dictionary of Cell Biology
[5] Easton's Bible Dictionary
[6] Merriam-Webster - WWWebster Dictionary
[9]Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries . This site provides a long, alphabetical list of dictionaries. This is a good reference site.
[10] English Dictionary Servers such as English-Russian
[11] A Web of On-line Dictionaries provdes a long list.
[12] Specialist field: Web dictionary of cybernetics & systems.
[13] Encyclopedias on the Net at resurces central:, a list of various subjects online.
[16] On-line dictionary of computing .
[17] Acronym Dictionary .
[18] Acronyms and Abbreviations .
[19] Anthropology: Anthromorphemics a glossary.
[20] REFERENCE links at the Internet Public Library.
[21] Institute for Ice Age Studies;
[22] Anthropology links and evolution syllabus; Human Variability and Adaptability; Non-human Primates; Fossil Man and Human Evolution; Anthropology on the internet;

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These are online texts available in full for you to read or download.
[1] Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts for other information see:choose an information category to search. Also cusi
[2] Search engine - enter an e-text search term(s):
[2] Other e-text links. This is a good reference site to Online Text Collections of the Internet Public Library.
[3] Project Gutenberg for many on-line e-texts. Search facility finds many obscure texts.
[4] More e-text resources @ "Virginia", & "Virginia"
[5] This is an excellent site for people interested in population ecology and modelling. It has Electronic Papers on population ecology. This site also references sites with ecological and population models. Its educational Models include the Logistic Model, Exponential Model, Spruce Budworm Model, Ricker-type Model Bifurcation & Chaos, Lotka-Volterra: Interactive (predation, competition, pollination), Genotype-frequency in hybrid zones (cellular automata), JAVA applet running simple ecological models at Leiden University. This population ecology page has links to Model Servers, Data for Modelling , such as Weather and Climate, Topography and Human Demography and Geographic Distribution of Species, and many other useful links. It also links to lecture courses, organisations, journals and meetings. Related Areas links include Ecology Resources, Biology Resources, Biostatistics and Statistics, Mathematics, GIS and geostatistics, Landscape Ecology, Global Change, Regulation of Human Population and Population Action . Wow! What a site!
[6] The WWW Virtual Library
[7] Various online resources such as Encyclopedias, Maps and Atlases, dictionaries and search engines. A short list, not as comprehensive as this web page.
[8]Ancient Europe: Literature

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[1] Environmental Ethics - cumulative index - a long reference list of publications on this topic.
[2] Environmental Organisation Web Directory - This is a good reference site. It covers links to: Agriculture - Horticulture, Farming... Animals - Animal Rights, Humane Society... Arts - Art, Music, Photography... Business - Consulting, Funds, Investment... Databases - Libraries, Yahoo!... Design - Landscape Architecture... Disasters - Earthquakes, Preparedness... Education - K-12, Colleges, Universities... Employment - Resumes, Employers... Energy - Solar, Conservation... Forestry - Rain Forests, Urban Forestry... General Environmental Interest Government - Agencies, Countries... Health - Alternative Medicine, Nutrition... Land Conservation - Mountains, Wetlands... News and Events - Actions, Conferences... Parks and Recreation - National Parks... Pollution - Air/Water Pollution, Hazardous Waste... Products and Services - Marketplaces... Publications - Journals, Publishers... Recycling - Aluminum, Paper, Raw Materials... Science - Biology, Geology, Oceanography... Social Science - History, Population... Sustainable Development - Enviro Policy... Transportation - Biking, Solar Vehicles... Usenet Newsgroups - Enviro Newsgroups... Vegetarianism - Organic Farming... Water Resources - Coast, Lakes, Rivers... Weather - Institutes, Remote Sensing... Wildlife - Endangered Species, Whales...
[3] Ecomall index - this is a useful site with plenty to explore and discover.
[4] .
[5] ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENT LINKS . A good list of useful links.
[6] Envirolink.
[7] Menu of Treaty Texts . A list of important treaties, such as the Rio declaration.

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[1] Royal Institute of Technology Library - "Environmental Science & Technology" journal. This site has links to DATABASES such as Library Catalogs, Dictionaries &Encyclopedias, Indexes & Abstracts. It also lists E-PUBLICATIONS such as Full text E-journals, Journal Links & Full text E-books. This is a good reference site.
[2] Whole Earth Review, The Magazine.
[3] The Evolutionist - Journal - check this url
[4] See also University of Minnesota Links. for more journals.
[5] ESA Electronic Journal Archive
[6] The World Wide Web Virtual Library -Evolution - Journals;
[7] Biotechnology literature & Journals.
[8] Conservation Ecology;
[10] HandiLinks to Biology Journals
[11] Statistics and Probability Journals. This site also has a listing of Biology Journals.
[12] Lund University, theoretical ecology has a listing of categorised journals, General Science, General Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Botany, Genetic Algorithms, Evolution, AI, Mathematics, Physics, etc. & Catalogues / Lists.
[13] Online Journal Resources.
[14] Vanderbilt Medical Center Online Journals has a long list: AIDS (Disease), Anatomy, Bio-Informatics, Biochemistry, Biological Science, Biology, Cardiology,Cell Biology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Drug Therapy, Endocrinology, Epidemiology and Public Health, Gastroenterology, General and Miscellaneous, Scientific Journals, General Biology, General Medicine, Genetics and, Developmental Biology,Geriatrics and, Gerontology, Hematology, Immunology, Medical Administration, Medical Education, Metabolism, Microbiology, Microbiology and Infectious Disease, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Nephrology, Neurology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Nutrition, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Oncology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology, Physiology, Primary Care, Psychiatry, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Respiratory System, and Thoracic, Diseases, Rheumatology, Sensory Biology, Surgery, Surgical Sciences,Ultrasonics. This is the site for doctors and other medical practitioners.
[16] The virtual reading room's biology category.
[17] The Earth Times.
[18] Books in paper form, all types - a new link, in development.
[19] The Internet Public Library: Ready Reference Collection; This is a good site to visit, with well organised categories, following which you get to links such as Encyclopedias Reference.
[20] Natural Science. A magazine of current issues and some links.

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[1] UC MUSEUM OF PALAEONTOLOGY: Amongst other reference material, the page on evolution discusses the following:
"Founders of Natural Science: From Ancient Times to the Enlightenment" (e.g.. Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.)), "Great Naturalists of the Eighteenth Century" (e.g.. William Paley (1743-1805)), Preludes to Evolution (e.g.. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (1744-1829)) & Natural Selection and Beyond (e.g.. Thomas Henry Huxley (1824-1895)).
[2] Philosophy Pages of Garth Kemerling: This site provides links to other philosophy sites and has plenty of its own content, such as a dictionary and Historyof Western Philosophy. This is a good reference site.
[3] The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy is as vast as its name implies. It has an excellent search facility to quickly find your information. This is a good reference site.
[4] The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy: is another excellent source of information that is constantly being developed and updated. They call it a dynamic encyclopaedia, because experts in the field have made and kept the entries up to date.
[6] Philosophy Resources;
[7] Sites Devoted to Individual Philosophers;
[8]Guide to Philosophy on the Internet
[9] Su Tzu's Chinese philosophy
[10] Björn's Guide to Philosophy
[11] The Australasian Philosophy Home Page;
[12] ATHENA AUTHORS & TEXTS This site provides an alphabetical listing of online texts available. For data & electronic text, this is the site!
[13] Law, Government & Political Science @ IPL.
[14] Baobab's Natural Philosophy Center: including modern and historical natural philosophy.

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Do not be in a rush to submit your site to any search engine or Web directory. First be sure your web page is ready, with meta tags included. To learn more about your web page's readiness for submission to search engines, visit: ABS- MetaTag Analyser, or add your URL to the Web Site Garage at the bottom of this page.
[3] : There is a very useful and informative meta tag analyser to determine if your web page is "robot friendly". Use it to refine your home page before registering with search engines: ABS- MetaTag Analyser
[4] : allows you to add 34 sites free, but requests you put their link on your page. Adding the 34 sites needs to be done one by one, so this is quite slow.
[5] This is a well organised site for the submission of your site to search engines and other resources. It is free, with a voluntary contribution.
[6] @submit, SubmitAll.
[7] Postmaster Direct
[8] Submit-it.
[9] Submit to 40 search engines free.
[10] Domain name registration services: The InterNIC provides domain name registration services for the top level domains .com, .net , .org, and .edu.

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Naturally, the subject of holism has many other perspectives, developed by people in other fields. These need to be referred to for further investigation.
[1] The DuVersity, Inc.: "The DuVersity is a research and educational enterprise seeking the integration of diverse perspectives or frames of thinking, and the discovery of new emergent principles of self-organization or evolutionary potential in contemporary life. It supposes that there are diverse modes even of 'holistic' thinking that they can never reduce to a single principle or theory."
[2] Biospherics is defined as follows: "Biospheres, as a class of objects to study, are defined as an energetically open, materially closed life systems, natural or artificial, capable of long term self-renewal under the proper conditions. [The Earth's biosphere is over three and a half billion years old, a trillion tons in weight, with over 10,000,000 species and certainly to a great extent self-organizing.]"
[3] Ecopsychology;
[4] Animal health, well-being, and rights - World Wide Web Virtual Library links to animal related sites;
[5] THE HALCYON: "cosmopolitan entertainment, information, communication, awareness, third culture, transpersonal and humanistic psychology." This site has links to authors, philosophers and scientists such as Albert Einstein, Carlos Castenada, Carl Popper, H.G. Wells and many more. There are also categorised links to environment, health, science, philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, neuroconsciousness, astrology, art, religion, culture, occult, politics, sexuality, business, web tools, martial arts, history & newspapers/magazines.
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[2] For various perspectives on evolution and reviews of evolutionary books, see Gert Korthof's, web page.

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As well as the below links, I also have a biological glossary at another site and some science links at the Children's Homework Page.
[1] "Links on the world-wide web for biologists" such as "ecology", "zoology" and "evolution"
[3] The "Biological Resources" link has long lists, including universities, libraries, servers and bioscience references.
[4.1] Anthro Tutorials; Anthropology Resources ; Anthropology ;biological anthropology links; Ethology & Evolution on the; The Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China; Anthropology Resources on the Internet & also mirrored.
[4.2] Archaeology
[5] Evolution:
[5.1] links to links: Evolution Links: This site has "Information on Evolution", "The Fossil Record", "Classification and Phylogeny", "Molecular Evolution", "Evolution and Religion" and a list of references.
[5.2] Evolution at the WWW Virtual Library. This site has many categorised links, such as Related Internet Resources, Gopher Sites, General Evolution Resources, Biology Resources, Journals, Museums and Exhibits, books, software, collections, molecular biology, Phylogenetics, Systematics, and Taxonomy, Palaeontology and Natural History and Academic Departments, organisations and Laboratories;
[5.3] Yahoo! Science:Biology:Evolution:Human Evolution; Evolution Links; Evolutionary theory home page;
[6] Virtual Library - Environment Page ; Virtual Library - Ecology, Biodiversity & the Environment ;
[7] Evolution update especially for students and teachers of Biology. This site provides an alphabetical list of words with links to another site;
[8] The Sci.Bio Evolution Homepage.
[9] DATABASE ON EXPERTISE IN ECOLOGICAL NETWORKS: A searchable database for experts in the ecological field.
[11] Ecology in Australia;
[12] Population Ecology Reference List;
[13] Yahoo! Science:Biology : This site has an alphabetical list of sites, including Evolution, Genetics & Ecology@.
[14] MEG: Ecology, Evolution & Population Biology : This is the Madison Ecology Group's page of links.
[16] Biodiversity: The Tree of Life;
[17] Agriculture: All things agricultural.;
[18] Aquaculture: All things aquacultural;
[19] Sciences & Technology @ IPL.
[20] Neandertals - A Cyber Perspective

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I have a separate small file (search .htm) that is a good search tool. You can save it on your computer and use it whenever you need to do a search.


I have found Metacrawler to be very fast. gives useful information, tips and news on search engines.

Also, download fSearch: "If you've ever wanted a faster or easier way to search the Internet, f.Search is the tool for you.
f.Search takes the hassle out of trying to use the search engines of the Internet by moving them onto your computer! It provides you with two click access to 90 of the web's most popular and most useful search engines."
There are some useful search commands: url:animal.html This will find any url that has a page with this name. title:elephant This will find web pages with the word elephant in the title. image:frog.jpg This will find web pages containing the frog.jpg image file. domain:za This will display pages from the South African domain, za. anchor: ecotao This will find Web pages where the hyperlink contains the word ecotao.
[1] [2] Metasearch : try the words: search & web & metasearch - and see what you get!
[3] Dogpile meta-search
[4] Metacrawler - usually digs up enough data for use and its quite fast.
[5] T-NETs WEB Search - lists just about all search engines on the internet.
[6] Archie Services, & What is Archie?
[7] FTP search search for that elusive file; All the web; ftp at Lycos; Belnet FTP;
[8] FTP search 97 search and get a list of FTP download sites that have the file that you are looking for.
[12] Monster FTP list of sites;
Holism, Evolution  Ecology's Internet Search
This is a personalised search tool.
[14] Search the Bigyellow (Yellow Pages);
[15] Copernic 99 is a free Internet search application that you install on your computer. It simultaneously uses the best Internet search engines.
[16] A fast, powerful commercial search utility for finding web pages on the Net. WebFerretPRO queries popular Web-based search engines, quickly and efficiently finding web pages the user is looking for on the World Wide Web.
[17] Street eye - an investment search engine if you wish to be involved in stocks and shares & the stock market.

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[1] The Ecological Society of America. and its links to other sites such as government, organisational and other sites.
[2]Human Behaviour and Evolution Society .
[3] International Society for Ecological Modelling (ISEM): " promotes the international exchange of ideas, scientific results, and general knowledge in the area of the application of systems analysis and simulation in ecology and natural resource management."

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[1] Tucows; A collection of internet & "Winsock" software.
[2a] Go to AEIP for free downloads of a fine shareware link verifier. Check your links!
[2b] LinkMate checks that your remote website links are still listed and pointing to your site.
[3] If you have a commercial site where where getting listed with a high ranking by search engines is important, you may wish to use bridging programs or software. "Bridging programs are capable of detecting search engine indexing spiders or robots, and generate an optimized page."
[4] Web site promotion tools: for a list. Free pormotion software is HyperHits Freeware & Hurrican WebPromo ;
[5] Free virus checker from;
[6] FTP Software:
[7] Net caching & Internet Accelerators
[7.1] NetSonic: a popular Internet Accelerator! Free & does not change your browser settings.
[7.2] Webcelerator: FREE and full of features. It will optimise your dialup networking. This page has many other free downloads such as Alexa, Nanohome, Worldflash, MP3 Creator, Net Butler, Zeus and more.

[1] If you have printed, paper documents or stored images that you want to have written in html, then OmniPage Web is the software for you. It also copies graphics.
[2] a] McAfee VirusScan anti-virus software.b] Norton SystemWorks AntiVirus and other utilities, such as Norton's uninstaller - Cleansweep 4.5. c] Command Antivirus software. d] F-Secure Anti-Virus. This site has some free versions. e] Norman Virus control. f] Panda Antivirus Platinum. g] Sophos Anti-virus. h] PC-cillin. The makers of this product, Trend Micro, offer a free online virus check:Housecall.
[3] Hardware checkers & diagnostic packages: Check-IT 98 from touchstone software. Similar products are offered by Norton and Mcafee has Nuts & Bolts 98 and First Aid 2000.
[4] Online backup of data, by online backup services such as @Backup, Connected Online Backup. Traditional backup software is supplied by NovaBackup & Seagate Backup Exec.
[5] FTP uploads and downloads: Cute FTP, WS_FTP Pro 6.0, BulletProof FTP.

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[1] Useful Tools for Research, Writing, and Cyberwork;
[2] Poets & Writers' Literary Links & resources.
[3] Writer's Net;
[4] The Scott Meredith Literary Agency Writing to Sell Homepage;
[5] Waterside productions,
[6] University of Minnesota Duluth - Advanced Writing for the Social Sciences - CONTENTS
includes: Writing Assistance On-Line, WWW Reference Works, Style Books and Guides, Useful / Interesting Web Sites & Web Page Information. This site has many useful links making it a good reference site.
[7] ;
[8] On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research ;
[9] Children's Homework & Study Links.
[10]Software sources - Freeware, shareware etc. For a comprehensive listing of links and downloads of various forms of software, go to your local www.tucows site. In South Africa, the URL is Other sources of software are ; ; ;
[11] Research it has many resources such as biography subjects, definitions, fact books, currency converters, stock quotes, maps & an online translator.
[12] Toolbox for Writers
[13] Education Index®, an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the Web. If your site is up to the challenge, submit it here.
[15] Paperless books, electronic books, e-books: Softbook from Virtual Press, Nuvomedia's RocketBook & Everybook's Dedicated Reader.
[16] Writing history at Perker Pens.

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[1] AltaVista. to translate online or directly to Alta Vista: Translations
[2] Online Language  Dictionaries and Translators provides many different language translations and dictionaries.

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[1] The universityof Minnesota, Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behaviour: LINKS. Includes Journals, Businesses, References, Societies, Government Agencies, Academic Organisations & Other Links.
[2] University of Massachusetts anthropology department;
[3] Department of Entomology, Virginia Tech, USA;
[4] The World Wide Web Virtual Library -Evolution - Departments and Laboratories; Organizations
[5] American Museum of natural history.;

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[1] Commercial Sites:
[1.1] the CD-ROM Shop
[2] Artistic:
[2.1] Soulis art links.
[2.2] Arts & Humanities @ IPL.
[3] Windows freeware at Moochers & The Free Site.
[4] Selected Hardware resources:
[4.1] Learn all about your PC components. This site has diagrams of the internal parts to your personal computer.
[5] What is this y2k scare all about? See's site for more.
[6] Business & Economics @ IPL.

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[1] Free:

[2] Commercial:
[2.1] Global Sustainability
[2.2] Business:
[2.2.1] Masters in Business Administration (MBA):

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[1] Web Developer's Virtual Library
[2] Web Publisher's Resource Guide
[3] Web Site Garage (eg. Hitometer) Offers various services to improve your web page.
Web Site Garage
Tune Up Your Web Site Free:
[4] Check your web page links at Net Mechanic - an essential tool.
Checked by NetMechanic
You can also click on an image's size to reduce it with GIFBot! Other free services are Browser Compatibility, Spell Check, Load Time Check, HTML Check, Server Check.
[5] ABS- MetaTag Analyser will check and advise on your Meta Tag design. An essential tool.
[6] Slice up large images for quicker download using a free program called the Shoestring Dicer.
[7]Find those lost .dll files that are so essential to your computer software at:
[7.2] DLL, The Place for missing DLL's
[8] For the on-line creation of Style sheets, where you can instantly view your stylesheets and then view and copy the source code for your use, go to Style-o-Matic.
[9]Create forms for your web page. will also generate the HTML for you, so there's nothing complicated to do or learn. Here you can create radio buttons, menus, checkboxes, hidden text (passwords), multi-line text, reset buttons etc.
[10] Oversite -- A small website announcement page.
[11] Create frames online at FrameShop .
[13] ISN Web Developer's Cut-N-Paste JavaScript, Perl, CSS and Plug-ins Toolbox. Featuring more than 176 FREE JavaScripts you can simply paste into your HTML!
[14] Webmonkey for help on Java, JavaScript, Stylesheets, Perl, Graphics & Fonts, Browsers & much more.
[15]Ask the Spider to check your homepage META tags for you. Simply give this application your url, and it will generate a report on your meta tags.
[17] Webwasher - from Siemens. Filters out advertising images, windows, scripts, layers, frams and forms as you browse. Another is AtGuard.
[18] Check who links to you at Link Popularity. You can also go to your preferred search engine and type in link: This will reveal links to your web page.
[19] See web-design advice at WebTools. This site has articles and tutorials.
[20] You will need some keywords. location-based directory and information applications and services. You can als see the top 100 search terms at . More search terms at SearchSpy .
[21] This site is full of useful resources for the development and management of your web site.

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Download the latest Netscape Communicator 4.5. This is free and among its many features, there is of course the
[1]browser, Netscape Navigator 4.5 and
[2] Netscape Composer, A fully integrated web-based word processor.

[3] Teleport Pro to download whole web pages. This is a good tool for reference information or large web pages that you wish to browse offline at your leisure.
[4] You have to download files if you are on the internet, so make this easy an reliable with GetRight. it will resume broken downloads and has more settings options than you will ever need!

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[1.3] Hitometer counter. Useful & easy to install.
[1.4 Another small counter with plenty of information generated from each hit and free is the eXTReMe Tracking at . For the type of results generated by this counter see my counter:
[1.5] Clocks & counters.

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[1] Netscape's backgrounds.
[2] Ozemail
[3] skoardy.demon
[4] textures at;
[6] The Free Picture Library;
[7]Soulis graphics with many PAINTINGS, PICTURES & PHOTOS PLACES . This site has many links to free photos, paintings, maps, clip art, icons, graphics, backgrounds, wallpaper, etc. There are plenty of art sites & links listed. This page may be better described as Art Links;
[8] Primate photos, illustrations, and paintings.
[9] Painet - photographic arts & illustration network. Receive email of photos that you select.
[10] Icon bazaar: This site has many free graphics alphabetically ordered: Alphabets, Dots and Bullets, People, Animals, Flags, Punctuation, Marks, Animated Images, Flowers, Road Signs, Arrows and Pointers, Fractals, Signs and Logos, Backgrounds, Borders and Textures, Initials, Stars and Suns, Banners and Bars, Internet, Symbols and Gizmos, Cartoons, Miscellany, 216 Color Table, Computers, Objects, Documents, Orbs and Globes.
[11] typo Graphic: The evolution and development of letter forms, & detail on typography.
[13] free fonts: Download the fonts that you need.
[14] graphic design: Improve the appearance of your Web page through web graphics design.
[15] small gifs: Keep your graphics size as small as possible.
[16] Anthony's WWW Images: A useful collection of basic gifs needed by any webpage.
[17] Photography tips at Better Photo.
[18]To be the world's biggest FREE VISUAL MEDIA SITE at Pictures Now.
[19] Use Reptile to make your own backgrounds - its free and part of the Hot Dog Pro family. Coose the link to reptile. Reptile allows you to easily produce any combination of rough or smooth textures.
[20] is a totally free online service which provides real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them.
[21] ZyGraphics - Create professional quality, personalized webgraphics and banners in seconds. Use with any web authoring or desktop publishing software. ZyWeb - Create and publish great looking web pages in minutes. Includes hosting, search engine submission, hit counters and our unique customizable graphics. No design or authoring skills needed.
[22] Reduce the size of those gif files on your webpage with this useful online tool, Gifcruncher. You can effectively reduce the size of all your images and graphics in gif format.You can also split large gif files at Gif split.

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[1] The essential links to HTML; This site has it all and will keep you bust for weeks!
[2] Advanced tips:
[3] Alphabetical Index to HTML
[4] Creating Killer Websites : This is a book that is for sale online.
[5] GIF Construction Set : This is needed to create small gif files. It is easy to use. Take a gif image that you like and look at its construction in GIF Construction set.
[6] Arachnoidcareware html editor. This is a stable and useful html editor. Use it!
[7] Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator.; Netscape guide to HTML and other manuals.
[8] Inside DHTML.
[11] Learn HTML at A Beginner's Guide to HTML . This is a more advanced site than the Geocities site, and the two go well together if you are starting to learn HTML.
[12] Frames - Netscape's Introduction to frames , Mining Company's Help with Frames has a long list of links and decide, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) vs. Frames as Web Extensions. Create frames online at FrameShop .
[14] Paul's Web Page Helper, to reduce the time required in wandering the Net searching & including a set of tutorials and instructions, links to FREE art work such as Clip Art, Balls, Lines, Backgrounds, and Icons.
[16] Javascript:
[16.1] Learn Javascript at webteacher's javatour. Hands on tutorials.
[16.2] Javascript basics and language concepts.
[16.6] Javascript was created by Netscape so see their Javascript developer central.
[16.7] For a script search see the CGI library.
[16.8] For a wide range of created scripts see & Javascript Planet.
[16.9] Do you want to ask a question? Go to the JS-Pro.
[16.91] Doc JavaScript.

[17] Design better web pages by reading the Yale Style Manual online.
[18] A HTML Validator. At Test is and be surprised how many errors you find in your web page html.

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