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[1.3] Hitometer counter. Useful & easy to install.
[1.4] Another small counter with plenty of information generated from each hit and free is the eXTReMe Tracking at . For the type of results generated by this counter see my counter:
[1.5] Clocks & counters.
[1.6] More counters: ; ; ;

Also see the Flash section.

[1] Netscape's backgrounds.
[2] Ozemail
[3] skoardy.demon
[4] textures at;
[6] The Free Picture Library;
[7] Soulis graphics with many PAINTINGS, PICTURES & PHOTOS PLACES . This site has many links to free photos, paintings, maps, clip art, icons, graphics, backgrounds, wallpaper, etc. There are plenty of art sites & links listed. This page may be better described as Art Links;
[8] Primate photos, illustrations, and paintings.
[9] Painet - photographic arts & illustration network. Receive email of photos that you select.
[10] Icon bazaar: This site has many free graphics alphabetically ordered: Alphabets, Dots and Bullets, People, Animals, Flags, Punctuation, Marks, Animated Images, Flowers, Road Signs, Arrows and Pointers, Fractals, Signs and Logos, Backgrounds, Borders and Textures, Initials, Stars and Suns, Banners and Bars, Internet, Symbols and Gizmos, Cartoons, Miscellany, 216 Color Table, Computers, Objects, Documents, Orbs and Globes.
[11] typo Graphic: The evolution and development of letter forms, & detail on typography.
[12.2] Also tutorials, & a glossary of computing and HTML terms;
[13] free fonts: Download the fonts that you need.
[14] graphic design: Improve the appearance of your Web page through web graphics design.
[15] small gifs: Keep your graphics size as small as possible.
[16] Anthony's WWW Images: A useful collection of basic gifs needed by any webpage.
[17] Photography tips at Better Photo.
[18] To be the world's biggest FREE VISUAL MEDIA SITE at Pictures Now.
[19] Use Reptile to make your own backgrounds - its free and part of the Hot Dog Pro family. Choose the link to reptile. Reptile allows you to easily produce any combination of rough or smooth textures.
[20] is a totally free online service which provides real-time generation of graphics customized exactly the way you want them.
[21] ZyGraphics - Create professional quality, personalized webgraphics and banners in seconds. Use with any web authoring or desktop publishing software. ZyWeb - Create and publish great looking web pages in minutes. Includes hosting, search engine submission, hit counters and our unique customizable graphics. No design or authoring skills needed.
[22] Reduce the size of those gif files on your webpage with this useful tool, Optiverter. You can effectively reduce the size of all your images and graphics in gif format. Also see their GifCruncher tool. You can also split large gif files at Gif split.;
[23] More gif material:
[23.1] GIF Business: for animated gifs;
[23.2] Animated gifs artists guild;
[23.3] Altavista gif search facility;
[24] Showcase site: Anders Qvickers;
[25] Webspice for over 2 million graphics after you sunscribe.
[26] For more free graphics see for webmasters & novices;
[27] Stationery designs;
[1] Animation express from Hotwired;
[2] Webpedia animation Archive;
[3] Free animated banners; See also Quickbanner;

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