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    First, read this short excerpt from the reams of information dictated by L.R. Hubbard, and then we will explore some of the new words presented here.

    "As long as you audit, then, straight at the goal of improving him toward Operating Thetan, you arrive at Clear. And the definition of Operating Thetan, well-worded or not, but understandable, is: an Operating Thetan can be at willing and knowing cause over life, matter, energy, space and time. Now, you audit toward that goal - cause over these things - and you get what we've had before in all this: you get self determined action."

    audit: a precise method or system of questions, structured by L. Ron Hubbard, and applied by a trained Scientologist called an Auditor, aimed at helping the person being “audited".

    thetan: you, the being, that which is aware of being aware, equivalent to the soul.

    Clear: an attainable state, achieved by the vast majority of Scientologists. The "Clear" described here is defined as follows: (Scientology)

    "provided a method to address the reactive mind by uncovering this previously unknown spiritual trauma and erasing its harmful effects on an individual. When this occurs, one has achieved a new state of spiritual awareness called Clear. One's basic and fundamental spirituality, personality, his artistry, personal force and individual character, his inherent goodness and decency, are all restored. While the Clear is analogous to the state of awareness in Buddhism call the Bodhi, or enlightened one, the Clear is a permanent level of spiritual awareness never attainable prior to Dianetics and Scientology. Dianetics is a branch or division of Scientology used to introduce people to this religion."

    ". . . the state of Clear. And that is not the state of Operating Thetan." " . . . because the Clear is understandable within the range of human phenomena. In other words, any human being could understand a Clear." (Advance! 139).

    “spiritual trauma” means and form of injury or mental torment.

    By implication of the above two paragraphs, the Operating Thetan level is a higher level than that of any human being that has walked the earth, including the Prophets of God, such as Adam, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

    Note here the admission that Dianetics is used to introduce people to the religion of Scientology. New recruits with little or no knowledge of what they are promoting are sent onto the streets to sell Dianetics books as part of the policy of promoting Scientology.

    The term "Bodhi" is used for:

    "one who has attained intellectual and ethical perfection by human means. The state is called bodhi as it is said to have been first achieved under a bodhi tree (fig tree) by Gautama Siddhartha (a Buddha)."

    This division and clear difference in the understanding of what or who God is for the Scientologist is introduced as follows:

    "For centuries Western thinkers approached the subject from the unique perspective of Judeo-Christian tradition. This approach revolved around two fundamental but related doctrinal concepts - a belief that there is a personal creator God separate and distinct from man, and that man's highest activity is the worship, supplication and veneration of this god. If a set of beliefs did not manifest these doctrines, it was not regarded as a religion."(02of18.pdf p3)

    Note here, the “this god", written with a small “g". Also, in this (my) site the issue is not religion, but theism - the presence of a single God Creator, who sent prophets, including the Prophets Muhammad and Jesus (may peace be upon him). Critical and central to the life of a Muslim is worship and God the Creator. The Holy Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, expressed this clearly:

    "That you worship God as if you are seeing Him, for though you don't see Him, He, verily, sees you." (Translation of Sahih Muslim. Book 1: The Book of Faith (Kitab Al-Iman)).

    We deal with a living, responsive God and as a part if His Creation, we worship Him. Scientology calls this relationship with God, "doctrinal concepts" and so through a clever usage of words denies their reality. This denial will become more evident as you read.

    In the Holy Quraan we are told that "God is the Creator of all things, and He is the Guardian and Disposer of all affairs" (QsXXXIXv62). As such we are advised to "worship God and be of those who give thanks" (QsXXXIXv66). For clearly, it is He who Created the earth and all its contents. He designed and comprehended the universe and heavens, providing order and perfection with perfect knowledge (QsIIv29). "And this is a Book (i.e., the Holy Quraan) which We have sent down as a blessing, so follow it and fear God, that you may receive mercy." (Qs6v155)

    Note here, in the theistic tradition, perfect knowledge comes from God and is ascribed to God. Revelation, brought by Prophets to humanity, such as in the Torah, Gospel and Quraan, is seen as the Word of God. Translations and transmission over time have sometimes altered the original Word. The Bible, for example, does not exist in the original Aramaic and the Gospel of Jesus is lost. Hubbard never ascribes any of his teachings to God; they are his gift to humanity, with no influence from God.

    Scientologists point to "Theravada Buddhism and Jainism, which have no Supreme Being," to justify their religious perspective:

    "Moreover, how could anyone deny the religiosity of Theravada Buddhism and Jainism, which have no Supreme Being, . . .".

    The CSI (Church of Scientology International) calls for their "beliefs and practices to be interpreted fairly and without bias". For the monotheist, whose eternal life is defined by his or her relationship with the Creator, this is not a matter of bias, but a focal point and about survival. Life without a relationship with God is not life. There is great pleasure in the appreciation of God’s Creation and expressing this to God: “Oh! God what a beautiful day you have presented today!"

    Scientologists cleverly avoid confrontation or a definition of God’s attributes through a focus on the definition of “religion" rather than theology or theism. In this site, I focus on the theistic perception of Scientology.

      "Modern religious scholars now agree that the test for religion must be objective and cannot he based on concepts drawn from any one particular tradition. Use of a definition that is biased toward a particular religious tradition is certain to discriminate among religions, and has indeed resulted in varying levels of religion persecution." (02of18.pdf p4)

      What a Scientologist believes is important to a theist, not as a matter of bias , for a number of reasons:

    Scientologists believe they have the only solution for humanity.

    Scientologists recruit people from other religions, with the intention of converting them to Scientology, but without their real intentions made transparent to the general public.

    Scientologists do not worship God. (As I did, individuals may spend years in the organisation, as worshippers of God, but in the end, there is no teaching of God in Scientology. You do not go to Scientology to learn about God.)

    Scientology’s program of expansion aims at world (domination?) influence. Expansion and a “cleared” world is their aim. To become clear, you have to be well indoctrinated in their belief system.

    This set of policies and principles will result in confrontation with theists.

    The soul of the monotheist lives aware of God. His or her being is sustained daily, hourly and at every moment by God. They search for support in many forms from God. Life, without God would be death-eternal, far more serious than this ephemeral death that faces our mortal bodies.

      A Scientologist dodges this issue of One God by noting the common features of religions:

      "This ultimate reality may be a God, gods or Supreme Being, or it may simply be some supernatural principle such as a belief in the transmigration of one's spirit;" (02of18.pdf p6).

      Again, note the clever use of words, a single “a" or “the" here makes all the difference. Hubbard was sure giving clear warning when at the front of every book he says: “ be very, very certain you never go past a word you do not understand." This stance, they insist, "avoids evaluation of religious belief or practice" and is an "ethically neutral definition". In Scientology they avoid evaluation and state that what is true for you is true for you, while in Islam there are Divine Principles that form the basis of religion, such as "God is One". Ethical neutrality is the wrong principle to apply when the Truth is being dealt. What is needed is a clear and unequivocal public statement about LRH’s (L. Ron Hubbard) and Scientology’s relationship with The One God. Here, this Scientologist speaks of “a God" and Supreme Being", not God or the God or The Supreme Being. There is a very big difference between “a God" and The God or God. The term “a" implies one amongst many. There is a world of difference between “Supreme Being" and The Supreme Being. So, be very careful with Hubbard's words! As you will see, Hubbard says Thetans (Scientologist souls) attain Supreme Being.

      How did LRH see or perceive his relationship with God? Scientologists claim it is dangerous to reveal information from the upper levels to the general public. To tell a blind man what it is like to see will not destroy him as a being, but elevate his understanding. This may be especially important if the blind man will one day see. An explanation to the blind child will provide signposts to recognise when he/she regains his/her sight. The child will not scream in terror at the first sight of an elephant if the creature and its nature has been described.

      Teaching of God is repeatedly expounded in the Holy Quraan (see God’s Names):

      "Is it some one other than God that you order me to worship in your ignorance? But, it has already been revealed to you and to those before you, "If you were to join gods with God, truly fruitless will be your works in this life and you will surely join the ranks of those who lose" (QsXXXIXv64-65).
      A Scientology magazine called Advance!, volume 137 gives us something to ponder.
      "Clear is a more subjective version than Operating Thetan. I told you that there were four universes, or four areas of interest with which a person must become familiar, and those were the thetan , the mind (the mental image picture and so forth), the body (bodies and so forth), and the material universe itself. There were these four things. And there weren't any more than these four things, because if you took the thetan and blew him up to a total, which would be Operating Thetan, you would have God, so you have the eighth dynamic.
      So we haven't excluded anything."

      Now there are a few terms here. A thetan is the person himself or herself, or "that which is aware of being aware" - the Scientologist’s soul-being. The eighth dynamic is the realm of the Supreme Being - God. In this short paragraph, existence is defined as comprising four things - the being, the mind, the body and the material universe. No God. No Creator. As the Scientologist leader Ron Hubbard said,

      ". . . we haven't excluded anything."

      Here, they talk of God as the “eighth dynamic". An Operating Thetan in all his or her totality is God. He or she has attained “Supreme Being". This is a part of a logical division of their world view as follows:

      "The first dynamic is the impulse towards survival of the person as himself. 
      The second dynamic is the impulse towards survival in the sexual sense: the couple, family and the rearing and education of children. 
      The third dynamic is the impulse towards survival of groups or as a group, including those in which the individual is part (friends, business, dub, nation, race). 
      The found, dynamic is the impulse towards survival of humanity or as humanity. 
      The fifth dynamic is the impulse towards survival of living species (animals, plants) or as a living being. 
      The sixth dynamic is the impulse towards survival of the physical universe or as the physical universe. 
      The seventh dynamic is the impulse towards survival of spiritual beings or as a spiritual being. 
      The eighth dynamic is the impulse towards survival of the infinite or as part of the infinite. "

      In Scientology there is no form of worship, no God worship at all in Scientology! After all, they say they can all attain Supreme Being. In a theistic world, this claim is arrogant blasphemy. Advance and see through their eleven levels above clear and you arrive, after great expense, at accursed blasphemy! There is no defined relationship with God and no ritual of worship. .In Advance! issues 140 and 149, is an article titled "The Prophecy of Metteyya". The Metteyya ("he whose name is kindness"), it turns out, is a being prophesied to return, an "Exalted One, Fully Awakened, an Arahant ("one who has attained spiritual perfection"). In Scientology, L. R. Hubbard, the prophesied "red- or golden-haired man" is this being, the Metteyya, and his "thousands of brethen" that accompany this "teacher of gods and men", are the Scientologists. His calling is to bring "total spiritual freedom" to mankind, but not through the worship of God. 

      One of the aims of a Scientologist, in his spiritual awakening is material power as described in this Scientology advert:

      In the HCO Bulletin "OT MAXIMS", LRH defined the power of a thetan in these terms: "light-year kilotons per microsecond": “If that's the case, then what do you do to unleash that power and thereby be, do and have anything you want in life? Come to Flag for the L Rundowns." (Source 133)

      And, as A Scientologist said of his "wins" through spiritual training at Flag ("the Mecca of Technical Perfection"):

      "I found that I was selling products in 5 to 10 minutes whereas before I would have been sweating over it, how to present it, and how to make it okay for them to give me money!" (Source 133).

      (HCO = Hubbard Communications Office - a journal of bulletins. OT = Operating Thetan. Thetan = soul, the being. Flag = where Scientologists go for advanced Scientology training)

      We have L. Ron Hubbard as the Metteyya and he says, in his book, "The Hymn of Asia",

      "Am I Metteyya? If you see me dead I will then live forever. I come to you in Peace. I come to you as a teacher. I do not come as an officer of Church or sect. I come to you as a Man. I do not come as a God. I come to bring you wisdom. I come to bring you all that Lord Buddha would have you know of life, Earth and Man.

      I come to you with Freedom. I come to you with science, I come to teach you. I come to help you"

      LRH brings knowledge of “life, Earth and Man", but not God. If God featured in LRH’s life or thought, God would be mentioned. It is this conspicuous lack of reference to God the Creator that is so different to the theistic tradition. At the “ground level", the “tech of life" presented by Scientology is useful, but the fundamentals of the religion are devoid of Truth. Know that when you enter the company of Scientologists, enter the doors of their organisations, you leave the celebration of God. To teach and help humanity is great; many aspire to this ideal. But, to offer a bridge to eternal life, requires the inclusion of the Creator. In Islam we are taught that God is closer to us than our own jugular veins. God is aware - even of the dead leaf that drops from the tree!

      Scientology is an organisation dedicated as the savior of humanity:

      "For the first time ever, only because of the legacy of technology LRH (Hubbard) left us, man has the means to reverse the dwindling spiral and return to Native State."

      Remember again, the warning about words. He is saying here, “first time". This means NEVER BEFORE. So, we now have the following statement by L. Ron Hubbard in context:

      "For a long while, some people have been cross with me for my lack of cooperation in believing in a Christian Heaven, God and Christ. I have never said I didn't disbelieve in a Big Thetan but there was certainly something very corny about Heaven et al. Now I have to apologize. There was a Heaven. Not too unlike, in cruel betrayal, the heaven of the Assassins in the 12th Century who, like everyone else, dramatized the whole track implants - if a bit more so. The symbol of the crucified Christ is very apt indeed. It's the symbol of a thetan betrayed.", - L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 11 May, 1963
      "Further, we have our hands on an appalling bit of technology where the world is concerned. With rapidity and a Meter it can be shown that Heaven is a false dream and that the old religion was based on very painful lie, cynical betrayal." - L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB 11 May, 1963

    a Big Thetan = God or other supernatural power or literally a big thetan - an advanced Scientologist.
    whole track implants: something that is supposed to have been implanted (=implants) into our being or souls (thetan) a very long time ago (whole track).

Meter: e-meter, an instrument used by trained Scientologists.

The “old religion mentioned here is the monotheistic religion of Christianity and by association, Islam and Judaism and all religions with Prophets from God. According to Hubbard, Christianity is a lie, a betrayal. As Christ (may peace be upon him) is the Prophet who brought this teaching, he too must be, in Hubbard’s eyes, a lie. The term “et al” is inclusive, so with Hubbard’s very precise and sly use of words, this means, “here was certainly something very corny about Heaven, God and Christ.”

Scientologists, if my data is incorrect please quote the truth according to LRH about Christ and God.

The theist says, “God is eternally present, witness to my every action, the Creator of all." LRH (L Ron Hubbard) says, “The discoveries of Dianetics and Scientology can bring a resurgence in man of something of his belief in a Divine Being and in the partially divine qualities inherent in himself." So subtle a use of words. LRH is in his eyes and the eyes of his followers, “a Divine Being". Careful with the words! In monotheistic religions, there is only one Divine being, hence The Divine Being - God. The issue here is not freedom of religion, but that this new belief system is intended for the whole of humanity. Free beings need to draw a line in the sand and say, “Hey! So far and no further, for you are intruding on my being as a worshipper of the Creator."

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